OEMBrowser is a mini-browser designed for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP platform, which provides a personal, clean, anonymous browsing environment. It is easy to install and use, without all the overhead and bloated functionality of Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator. It is very small (1.5MB to run), requires no installation, It does not remember where you have visited, nor any username or passwords. You can even switch off the browser's cache and cookie options, so to have an completely clean browsing environment.

OEMBrowser is also more secure than most browsers. Because it doesn't execute any client-side scripts such as Java, JavaScript or VBScript, it won't be affected by viruses written in those programming languages. Many customers use OEMBrowser for safer Web browsing.

Read more about OemBrowser in the User manual, or download a FREE TRIAL VERSION now.

For Companies, Organisations...

Yes, you may now offer your users and customers a web browser of your own!
By using our web browser engine, we can compile a special version of web browser according to your requirements, with your private lable! Whether it is the look and feel, ICON, LOGO, Toolbar, or even a restricted list visitable URLs!! The browser can browser files offline and ONLINE. It can also come with a built-in, local indexing search engine for searching local HTML files (such as HTML files on CDROM).
You can register OemBrowser online with credit card, or by using our TOLL Free number. Royalty-free version available for unlimited distribution.

Compatiable with most HTML files
The OEM version of the web browser we compiled for you will support most of the HTML 3.2 specifications with many additional popular HTML 4 enhancements. Frames, tables, animated gifs, forms, printing, and many Cascading Style Sheet properties are also supported. Java, Javascript, Java Applets, DHTML are not supported yet.
It is secure, portable and compact!
You can bundle your own branded browser with your web contents to users who doesn't have Internet connection. Or, you can provide a compact, AOL type of browser to users to access your web content in the way you desired. The compiled version of the OEM browser for you will be a single .EXE file, and in most cases its size will be less than 1.44MB (i.e. can be fit into a floppy disk!). So you can easily distributed to your users either via email, the web, floppy disk, or CDROM.
Full Customization
Each OEM version of browser will be separately developed for every individual customer's special requirements to ensure maximum customization. Only Windows platform (including Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98/NT) are supported at this moment.