Cascading Style Sheet Support

Pseudo-Class Supported Unsupported
 :link Checkmark  
 :visited Checkmark  
 :active   Checkmark
 :hover Checkmark  
 :first-letter   Checkmark
 :first-line   Checkmark

CSS1 Properties
Property Supported Unsupported
Background (shorthand) Checkmark (see specific properties)  
Background-attachment   Checkmark
Background-color Checkmark  
Background-image most block tags inline tags
Background-position Checkmark  
Background-repeat Checkmark  
Border (shorthand) Checkmark (see specific properties)   Note 1
Border-top..left (shorthand) Checkmark (see specific properties)  
Border-top..left-color Checkmark  
Border-top..left-style none, solid all other styles
Border-top..left-width Checkmark  
Border-color (shorthand) Checkmark  
Clear Checkmark  
Color Checkmark  
Display   Checkmark
Float Checkmark  
Font (shorthand) Checkmark (see specific properties)  
Font-family Checkmark  
Font-size Checkmark  
Font-style normal, italic oblique
Font-varient   Checkmark
Font-weight normal, bold, 100..900 bolder, lighter
Height Checkmark most cases  
Letter-spacing   Checkmark
Line-height Checkmark  
List-style (shorthand) Checkmark (see specific properties)  
List-style-image Checkmark  
List-style-position   Checkmark
List-style-type Checkmark  
Margin (shorthand) Checkmark (see specific properties)  
Margin-top..left Checkmark  table cells
Padding (shorthand) Checkmark  
Padding-top..left Checkmark  
Text-align left, center, right justify
Text-decortation none, line-through, line-under overline, blink
Text-indent   Checkmark
Text-transform   Checkmark
Vertical-align top, text-top, middle, baseline, bottom sub, super, text-bottom  Note 2
White-space   Checkmark
Width Checkmark  
Word-spacing   Checkmark

CSS2 Properties
Property Supported Unsupported
Clip   Checkmark
Left Checkmark  
Overflow   Checkmark
Position  Checkmark block tags  inline tags Note 3
Top  Checkmark  
Visibility  hidden, visible. Block tags only inherit
Z-index  Checkmark  

1 Only solid borders are supported and only for block tags.
2 Vertical-Align supported for images and form controls only.
3 Position is supported for block tags only.

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