Easy Distribution

The browser we develope for OEM purpose is very resources friendly. In most cases, the browser will require no more than 2MB for full installation; We can even compress the program so it can fit into a 1.44MB floppy disk

The browser engine can be easily integrated with different Windows Interface so to develope browsers of different look and feel for your particular needs.

The final application will be a SINGLE .EXE file - that's right - only 1 SINGLE file, e.g. abcview.exe. You can simply include this file with your HTML documents and distribute it to your users. Minimal installation procedures is needed - all your users need is to run this file directly from your CDROM, or even Floppy Disk.

We have users using the browser in schools, libraries, hotels, and as a web KIOSK. With the many features we can customize for you, the application is unlimited - e.g.

  • replace MSIE in your company's LAN so your employees may only visit web sites related to your business;
  • replace MSIE on your school or home PC so to protect students and kids from unwanted web addresses
  • provide a e-manual to users which allows them to search HTML documents on the CDROM, and one click access to your website for online information. All in one application.
  • Distribute your website on FLOPPY DISK/CDROM
  • ...and many more

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