Searching the Internet/Local Files

OEMBrowser includes powerful capabilities to perform local HTML searches. To access search:

Click on the Search button on the icon toolbar. You will see a dialog box with two tabbed options, General and Advanced

General Search 

Search starts when you type in a word or words in the Keyword field. Once you enter a word, you can also fine-tune your search. Click on Search Type and choose an option to narrow your search, including any of the words (or), all of the words (and) or phrase. Click on the boxes to limit your search to Case Sensitive or Whole Word Only.

By default, General Search will limit its search to your hard drive. But you can also add sub-directories as well as aim your search at other drives. To do so, click on the File Folder icon to the right and browser to select a floppy drive, CD-ROM drive or other network drive. You can also fine-tune your search by changing the file extension in the File to Find field. The default setting is for .htm files.

When you are ready to perform the actual search, click the Start button, or the Cancel button to cancel.

Advanced Search

A more advanced search is possible by clicking on the Advanced tab button. Click on the tab to open a new dialog box. 

First, you can choose how to have the search results presented. Click to choose a general summary, an HTML symbol code, or a meta search. Other Advanced Search features include:

Once you've defined your search parameters, click on the Start button to start, click on Cancel to stop the search.

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