While HTML documents are normally associated with the Internet, online, they are also very useful for displaying all kinds of textual material such as documentation, helpfiles, etc, both online and offline. Graphics are easily incorporated in these documents. Browser we can develope for you supports most of the HTML 3.2 specifications with many additional popular HTML 4 enhancements. Many Cascading Style Sheet properties are also supported.

The following HTML specifications are supported:

  • Cascading Stylesheets Supported Cascading Stylesheets Classes
  • Frames
  • Bitmap, GIF, JPEG, and PNG Images   
    • Animated GIFs
    • Transparent images
    • Image caching
    • Left and right floating images
    • Image sizing attributes
    • Client side image maps
  • Large HTML files
  • HTML Tables
  • HTML Forms
  • Font sizes, styles, and colors with HTML tags or default settings
  • Background colors, images, sounds
  • Formatted printing of the HTML document
  • Print preview
  • Text search
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Subscripts and superscripts

Popular web browsers have many features which makes them very powerful, but at the same time become very resources demanding, and huge in size. The purpose of our OEMBROWSER service is not to compete with main steam browsers, but to provide an alternative solution for information distribution in HYPERTEXT, HTML format, which is very resources friendly, highly customizable, and can be easily distributed even on floppy disks.

The following functions are NOT supported in our browser engine:

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Frontpage Extensions
  • Plug-ins
  • Encryption Technology
  • ActiveX Components

The following functions can be ADDED into our browser engine:

  • URL restriction (only certain web addresses can be opened, or block the access of certain web addresses)
  • File Download
  • Customizable Directory Buttons
  • Local Search Engine (for searching files using keyword)
  • File Compression
  • Self-defined Hint Box (or Window Dialog Box) pop up
  • ....many more...please feel free to send us your ideas/suggestions. Email: oembrowser@faico.net

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