OemBrowser Registration Info.

Upon registration you will receive:
  1. An URL to download the full version
  2. An unique registration key - which will Unlock the program and remove all the shareware reminder screen(unregistered version displays shareware reminder screen after every few new URLs)
  3. Free upgrades in the next 12 months after purchase
  4. Unlimited technical support via email.

Product NameSingle UserMultiple Users Distribution License
250 Users500 users1000 users

Multiple users distribution License: Grants you the right to distribute OemBrowser upto the specified number of users across the LAN, or on CDROM.

If program customization is required, or if you need a 1000+ users license is required for distribution, or you prefer an unlimited royaly-free license, please contact us by email.
Prices are in US dollars. We accept cheques in any currency. Please contact us (info@OemBrowser.com) for details.

Register with Credit Cards

You may register OemBrowser on-line with your credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Novus brand cards), by clicking on the following links:
Single User License[order]
250 users distribution License[order]
500 users distribution License[order]
1000 users distribution License[order]

Register by Mail

You may register via mail by
  • Cheque (in US dollars),
  • American Express Money Order (found at post offices or convenience stores)
  • Cash

For safety reasons, please email us for address information, if you would like to register by Mail.

Wire transfer / Bank remittance

Please contact us (info@OemBrowser.com) for details.
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